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SaigonTire – Thousands Miles Companion.

Understanding your strenuousness when having a long journey. With the desire to bring our customers the product of superior features, competitive price and your safe. We are proudly the official distributor of Doublecoin Tires in VietNam.

Doublecoin is an old brand established long time ago and is the first tire brand of China which has been distributed in America from 1992 with their developing branch till now.

Being forgotten for long periods of time, Doublecoin finally has revived in Vietnam lately. For customers who used to try Doublecoin, they all have the same complinent on Doublecoin Tires features on their fuel efficient, long term performance and a low total cost of ownership.

We strongly believe that DoubleCoin with our dedicated service will create a memorable experiences & optimize your profit margin.


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