Upgrade the car audio and entertainment system

Every car when the factory comes with an entertainment system, for listening to music, even watching movies on the car. But have you ever wondered: Why in the world is the industry specializing in the manufacture of audio equipment specifically for cars, and service shops specializing in upgrading car audio systems? A strong development?

“Degree” sound system for your vehicle

Car audio system

In an audio system, compared to the rest of the devices, speakers have the greatest impact on sound quality. Unfortunately, the speakers of most economy-class cars are made in full-range (“full range”) speakers, and are minimalist, so that the price of the product is as low as possible, decent capacity. a narrow (25W to 50W) built-in reader, a very noticeable feature when listening to music on these cars is that the listener always feels short of the bass (both low-bass and mid) -bass) and treble sounds

Meanwhile, high-end cars are often equipped with component speakers (2-way, 3-way or even 4-way). Some carmakers also work with well-known audio equipment manufacturers to order their own equipment (sometimes even amplifiers) for high-end car entertainment systems. ..

The sound quality of luxury cars is improved on the deficiencies on ordinary car speakers, but only at that level …


Change oil and check oil filter Should upgrade the sound for popular cars

When talking about the music capabilities of the popular car entertainment systems, most people agree with “bad”, “bad” comments … about it. However, when asked about the need to upgrade, or install a new sound system very well, some people (especially the owners of small cars, or cars with low cost) proved to be Skepticism is whether “worth the rice bowl”?

It is not a small mistake if we think that expensive audio products are only suitable to install on real cars!

Even if you don’t have a lot of room for a complete system, we assure you, there’s no need to install additional amplifiers or replace new readers, as long as you remove the “zin” speakers from the car, and replace it with the right pair of speakers, you will be amazed at its instant performance!

Is the sound on luxury cars more than enough?

As mentioned above, luxury cars are often equipped with manufacturers, or add “option” packages with loudspeaker, amplifier … products of well-known brand brands, like JBL, Bose, Infinity, Haman kardon etc …

Naturally, when you spend an extra on these options, customers will get a better sound system, compared to the cheap system of other cars.

However, if you are the owner, or have had the opportunity to experience with cars that have upgraded (or installed) the sound system, you will recognize, the sound pack of luxury cars is not “class” enough to make comparisons!

Just a few simple “tests”, we can confirm: In addition to the ability for the listener to feel quite the full range of frequencies, the available systems of luxury cars “lose white” in the special features. Important points: Music count, fidelity, detail of sound, and accuracy of musical space dimensions (sound stage)

If you turn to the market of car audio products, you can get great speakers for only a few hundred dollars. Or if you are more fastidious in enjoying music, you will also easily get true Hi-end speakers, with prices from several, three thousand thousand USD …

There is demand, socks have supply. It is not natural that high-class names in the hi-end audio industry are appearing more and more with the product segment dedicated to cars.

But after all, the car is just a vehicle to and from. If you spend your driving time experimenting with music, you’re changing your free time, to bring spiritual value to life!

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