Smart money is on Double Coin

Smart money isn’t about the lowest price, it’s about the highest value. But it’s also about Innovation that makes a difference about quality, liability, and most importantly it’s about doing business with a brand you can trust.


At Double Coin, we worked tirelessly to earn the trust of our industry, the trust of resellers, dealers, and end-users. Trust that’s built from knowing that every one of our tires is designed and produced at Double Coin state-of-the-art production facilities and Research Institute. Each proud to be listed among the most technologically advanced of their kind in the world. It means tire designs have traveled through extensive research and development including field testing and rigorous Laboratory Testing at Double Coin’s own research Institute. It means that our tread compounds are engineered to minimize rolling resistance and maximize mileage and overall performance. It means that our commitment to living up to our slogan has never been greater.

Because the smart money really is on Double Coin.

Our tires are even verified smart Double Coin Optigreen line of low rolling-resistance tires are EPA SmartWay verified engineered for long haul applications. Their technology helps improve fuel efficiency. In addition, every tire is intelligently designed with our unique casing construction that promotes durability, retreadability, and overall strength. Optigreen SmartWay verified tires supposed to smooth ride, even wear, and excellent performance on the road. The OptiGreen Line includes steer, drive, and trailer position tires. And we have engineered Optigreen tires ideally suited for environmentally conscious and weight-efficient applications. Optigreen SmartWay verified tires by Double Coin.

Smart money

Smart choice

Double Coin also manufactures other SmartWay verified steer and all position tires. These are engineered with enhanced tread compounds and channel siping to increase fuel economy and fight irregular wear of providing long life for all your transportation needs. Whatever the application, Double Coin has advanced tire technology is the lower your fuel usage and extend tire life without sacrificing tire quality or performance.

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